Friday, March 7, 2014

hb to THE HB

I'm a name-shortener.  Depending upon the comfort level I have in just about any relationship, I shorten names as soon as possible. When my nephew Hudson Robert Weaver was born on March 7, 2013, one of my first thoughts was, can I call him "Hud"?  The answer became clear vey quickly. Yes. I can call him "Hud" and many other derivatives of his already awesome name. And they all fit. 

Huddy Buddy
Huddy Bobby
Hud Bob
Hud Bob Squarepants
Hud Bob the Builder
The Bob 

He even has his own logo! 

Although my time with Huddy has been short, I'm thankful for the visits I have had. How sweet it was to hold this little man for the first time when he was a month old. And it was just as sweet to watch Zack and Carolyn become parents to this tiny human.  I'll always cherish holding my first nephew on the couch as I had my first real and precious heart-to-heart with his beautiful mother, my first sister.

I'll cherish this day as much as I'll cherish my two months with Huddy Bobby last summer.  How I loved getting him ready for his day...

driving him to Grandma's...

watching him learn to eat with a spoon...

coaxing him to roll over on his play mat...

rocking him to sleep ... 

and all those things that some parents may consider mundane. I loved them all. 

And then I've had to settle for social media moments to cherish during the past six months. I'm so thankful for each picture his parents post or video messages they send.  As a result, I've renamed our family chat on WhatsApp "Huddy Bobby Fan Club", because that is what the chat has become, and I don't think any of us would have it any other way. 

I was super thankful for my day with The Bob in January during my layover between Jordan and Peru.  Not surprisingly, he was the center of attention during our day together. Isn't it amazing how adults can sit and watch babies and be mesmerized for hours. That was pretty much me.  Or maybe it was the jet lag. Regardless, my little Huddy Buddy that I snuggled last summer was much more mobile this time around! I can't imagine what he'll be into when I see him in May. We are all anxiously awaiting his first steps!  Sounds like they are coming soon!

Basically, what I'm trying to say is that I'm so thankful for my nephew. And then I consider his parents and although he can't say it yet, how blessed Hud Bob is to call them his p's.  And then I consider how thankful our family is to celebrate this little life that is one year old today.  And then I consider all that life holds for this little man. I pray The Lord blesses and keeps him and blesses others through him. Pretty sure that last prayer has already been answered!

I Love You, HB!

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  1. You are too sweet, tears in my eyes girl!! He is so blessed to have an Aunt who loves him so much! Miss you girl, and will miss you tomorrow!!