Friday, October 25, 2013

A Birthday Greeting from the Himalayas!

Today is my mom's birthday. And so, as my birthday gift to her, I'm going to tell everyone who reads this blog how blessed I am to call this lady, my mom. 

I know everyone thinks that their mom is the greatest... But my mom really is. 

Here are a few of the things I love about her...

She is patient.  Many members of her immediate family have quite strong personalities.  And yet she puts up with us. She endures a bit of "razzing" from her kids... Or maybe a lot.  And she loves us anyway.  

She is kind. I'm amazed at the thoughtfulness of my mom. Here is one tiny example out of many that I could list. Being away for 9 months, and knowing we would not keep in contact like we normally do (ie: near daily phone calls and our Saturday morning long talks) she wanted to give me a little something of a reminder of home as well as a prayer of sorts that I could take with me. This is what she stitched together...

So far, this reminder has been with me from the Atlantic Ocean to the Base of Everest... and everywhere in between.  And it will continue to be with me on the journey ahead.  My mom's kindness reaches beyond gift giving (which she is extremely thoughtful with) and impacts others in the form of listening phone calls, hours in preparation for Bible Study and other talks, mentoring, pie baking and thoughtful notes.  

She does not envy.  I really don't think I've heard an envious word come out of her mouth, ever. I'm sitting here with a puzzled look on my face trying to think of a time. I got nothing. She is content with who she is and what she has. 

She does not boast. Except for about her grandson, Hudson. But aren't grandmothers supposed to be that way??

She is not arrogant.  She could be about her beauty, but she is not. Anytime someone sees a picture of my mom, without fail, they remark on how beautiful she is. This comment is usually followed up with "She looks like your sister."  What is even better is that she is more beautiful inside than she is out.  And despite these facts, she is humble. 

She is not rude. Except for when sitting on the back patio while golfers are teeing off from the 8th tee box and they cuss at the bad drive they had.  My mom will appear from her previously disguised location and will make her presence known with a shout of "Excuse me! Excuse me, please!"  I've tried suggesting she say "Jesus loves you!" instead. 

She is not self-seeking. Instead, she is very much about others and supporting them. Her kids are a great example. She has encouraged us to go and be who God has made us to be. I know she would be much happier if I lived 1,050 miles closer and yet she supports the life that I live in the mountains and am content in. Although, she maybe mentioned within one hour of arriving home this past summer that all of her grandkids, present and future, MUST live within 5 miles. She told me she would just tell me this once. I suggested that she and dad look at real estate in Edwards, Colorado. 

She is not irritable.  I don't know of much that "gets her goat."  And if she does get irritated, it's usually for a good reason.  The only argument we had all summer was over doing the dishes after having company for dinner. We talked through this point of contention between us months before my arrival as well as upon my arrival. We settled on leaving the dishes until morning in an effort to fully enjoy the presence of our company (my request) twice. I don't think that fully happened once. I guess if I didn't force the issue, she would not be irritable. I'll take the blame on this one. 

She is not resentful.  Instead, she is a very accepting person. She loves others for who they are...something I could learn to do better at. 

She does not rejoice at other's mistakes.  Instead, she has sympathy and compassion for others whatever the situation might be. 

She rejoices in the Truth.  My mom is an incredible woman of God. I have learned from her to use the phrase "blessed" instead of "lucky", because that is Truth. She is an incredible woman of prayer (as many readers can attest to).  I have often said that if my mom wasn't such a prayer  "warrior", that I would have a better prayer life. (This is not a good thing on my part but a huge complement to my mom.)  She strives daily to seek The Lord in all she does and her life is a testament to her faithfulness to The Lord and his faithfulness in fulfilling the promises he has given us. 

In the end, it's quite simple to describe my mom. My mom is Love. 

In other news... I have spent the last 12 days hiking through the Himalayas with Annette, an incredible guide named Indra and an awesome porter named Bilka.  These two earn Good Sammys without hesitation.  Our destination was Everest Base Camp and Kala Patar, which provides an amazing view of Everest at 18,192 feet. We made it ahead of schedule and have been amazed at God's creation around us and the great people we have met along the way.  So blessed to have had this experience.  Pretty much, can't believe it!

And so... Happy Birthday Moms!  From Everest, with love.  Presh. 


  1. and I get to one's husband and the other's dad---talk about blessed!!!
    Trek on Ash. Love you

  2. Yes, this is vintage Shelley, your wonderful mom, Ashley. YOU and all who know your mom are truly blessed. I consider your mom one of my dearest friends - in fact, she was supposed to come over this morning, joining Kristy and Lindsay and me to celebrate her. Unfortunately, I awakened with a sore throat, and your mom, in her selfless was took a pass, sighting being around little Hudson later today as her motivation. And yes, Ashley, gmas ARE required to brag on their gbabes - it's in our gma manual!!!!

    Your trek looks amazing - I love reading your blogs and keep you and Annette and your helpers and fellow trekkers in my prayers. Can you imagine ever having a more adventurous year??!!! Love and Blessings, dear Ashley. Clair