Saturday, July 27, 2013

The Joy of Sharing Music

The GhettoPod is gone.  And I didn't even get to say goodbye.

I hope that the person who removed it from my unlocked car under the cover of darkness enjoys the music that I so lovingly uploaded in 2005.  I also hope they come to appreciate the one-minute battery time that will not allow new music to be added because it won't hold a charge long enough.  

But, really... One of the greatest compliments someone can pay me is to listen to my favorite music and at least pretend like they enjoy it as well.  I think you get to know a lot about a person by listening to their music.  

So maybe the new owner of the GhettoPod will call the phone number engraved on the back (it's mine) and want to talk about "Ash's Top 40."  Maybe they would critique my choice of a newer Willie Nelson song, "You Remain" as opposed to one of his old classics.  Or they might question how Eminem's "Lose Yourself" AND Israel Kamakawiwo'ole's (you know... The Big Hawaiian guy) version of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" can co-exist on one playlist.  And I would love to explain to him or her the thought process of how Trans-Siberian Orchestra's "Christmas Eve Sarajevo" made the cut for my Top 40 all time favorite songs.

Side note: I've talked to many people about the "Top 40 Challenge."  The origin of this challenge comes from my college roommate, Missy.  Missy is someone who has regularly expanded my musical horizons over the past decade.  She has sent me multiple mixes including many artists who ultimately made the Top 40 cut.  So the challenge is to determine your Top 40 songs of all time, with no repeating artists.  I found it to be a really good way of finding what the "essence" of my musical interests were.  I started by going through my iTunes library and creating a playlist.  I would say that getting to 100 was no problem.  But then you have to cut down to the one song from the artist that you love more than any other.  And then, inevitably, you must cut out some artists.  At that point I felt like I was betraying old friends.  So my advice to anyone who is willing to take on the challenge would be to make a "B-side" playlist and dump all the songs that didn't make the cut there.  This will help you sleep better at night.  And... here is the best part of the Challenge... You share your playlist with me and I share my playlist with you!  How cool is that?  To date, I believe I have playlists from my best friend from high school Kristen, my cousin Colson, my old roommate Beth, a student from this year's senior class Will, a random guy I met in the Atlanta airport and shared a rental car with on the way to Charleston who I have discovered is my musical soulmate Lee, and Missy's friend Pete...whom I've never met but maybe started the Top 40 challenge.  Interestingly, I never got a playlist from Missy!  Something about losing all of her music off of a crashed computer...or something.  Anywho...if you make your Top 40... Please share!

But I digress.   

Back to the fact that I have now shared my entire music collection (including the songs from my college years I collected and told you about a few blog posts ago) with a perfect stranger.  Maybe this person will put their mind at ease from their recent poor choices by relaxing to the playlist entitled "Bubble Bath."  Or maybe they will find the playlists entitled "Carpoolin'" and "Cartunes" are perfect for their daily commute to work.  And they might wonder what all the playlists entitled "Class of... " '05, '06, '07, '08, '09, '10, '11, '12, '13 all are for.  (It's a teacher's cost-effective solution to graduation presents and a crafty way to broaden the musical horizons of the often limited musical library of an 18-year-old.)  Or they might wonder what path the Wild West Adventure took from the playlist called "Wild West Adventure." least I didn't have to share the 2 pairs of Maui Jim sunglasses (1 pair that was less than 24 hours old), the Osprey backpack, Marmot down jacket or garage door opener with my new music-sharing friend.  All they wanted was a 2nd Generation iPod.  (see image below...hence the name "GhettoPod.")

Which got me to thinking... "Don't store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moths and vermin destroy, and where thieves break in and steal.  But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven where moths and vermin do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal.  For where your treasure is, there you heart will be also."  Matthew 6: 19-21

In the next year, I won't be shocked if some of what I carry on my back will be taken from me.  I've been intentional about not packing anything that would draw attention to myself or that if it were taken could not be replaced.  I'm sure if and when that day comes, I'll be a little bummed and it will probably pose an inconvenience of some sort...but maybe it will help someone else more than it will help me. 

And I chuckle knowing that the first artist that shows up on the GhettoPod is Amy Grant's "A Christmas Album" ... only the best Christmas album of all time.  Maybe my new friend will "come to Jesus" and want to return the GhettoPod to my car tonight.  But the odds are against it so I probably won't leave my car unlocked tonight.  

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  1. "Maybe this person will put their mind at ease from their recent poor choices by listening to..." CRACKED.ME.UP. Spoken like a true teacher! Sorry about your ipod. :( Total bummer especially for someone who loves music as much as you do.