Monday, July 8, 2013

Technology Bootcamp

I'm a tech-dork.

Really, I'm more like a data-entry guru.  I like to take things that seem to be disorganized, digitize them and put them into neat little data folders of some sort. 

Example: In my college years... circa 2000...this idea of mp3's began to surface. At the same time, this program called Napster was designed to share these mp3's, oh so generously.  I had heard of some questionable ethics surrounding Napster, and so my conscience suggested I not use it.  So I used Audiogalaxy instead. (No one was talking about that program and the "evils" of sharing so I felt slightly better about using it.  It did the same thing as Napster... It just wasn't as popular.)  I got good at using Audiogalaxy.  Really good.  And then I organized all my new music into neat little folders.   Then, being the generous person I am, decided to share all my music with the rest of the student body on our intranet.  Let's just say, on more than one occasion when I introduced myself to people on campus I heard, "Oh, YOU'RE Ashley Weaver who shares your music with everyone."  Needless to say, I eventually got a true conscience and haven't illegally downloaded music since 2003, which also coincided with the time that I began to get a regular paycheck. 

But I digress.  

I like organizing data.... partially because I'm slightly OCD and partially because I find there is an end to the project and it feels like I've accomplished something.  I think this is why I have enjoyed my job keeping the books at High Mountain Taxi in Vail the last 3 years.  

So one of my projects this week has been to digitize my recipes. Awhile back I took pictures of all of the appealing recipes from my Bon Appetit magazines.  I then discovered Evernote Food as a snazzy way to organize these recipes, search for new ones, document your restaurant experiences AND catalog menus that I've created.  This could be what a small slice of heaven might look like for me:  food and organization combined into one app.  Awesome!  

But a bigger project for me has been teaching my mom how to effectively use her own technology.  My mom has taken an interest in technology.  Bless her.  At times, she just seems to struggle with grasping some of the particulars of the interwebs and the functions of her various technological devices.  And being that I am the tech-dork that I am AND a teacher, shortly after I arrive home for any amount of time she has a list of technological issues that she wants me to solve for her.  We have spent countless hours on these issues.  Sometimes my patience last longer than others.  A few days ago I expressed my lack of patience by sharing with her a Seinfeld favorite "Serenity Now!" montage.  Please enjoy....

This past week we started what my mom has named "Technology Bootcamp."  At another point of frustration, I told her the Bootcamp instructor was about to go AWOL.  But, I somehow made it through those moments.  Serenity now!

Today, I finally had the break through that maybe Technology Bootcamp needed to consider a low-tech solution to explaining how the technology universe functions in my mom's world. This is what I came up with.

Here are my students who are captivated by this intriguing lesson. 

I'm pretty sure that Hudson will know more about technology than both of us in a few short years.  But at least I can take a little credit for giving him a little start.  

I do have to give my parents credit for teaching me a little tech fact this week though.  My dad brought home the term P.I.C.N.I.C.  "Problem In Chair, Not In Computer."  Needless to say, that term has been flying around this place a lot recently.  They may regret ever teaching me that one.  

And my last thought on teaching technology is this: my mom claims that she is rather advanced technologically compared to many of her friends.  Oh my.  Bless us all.

**UPDATE:  I just posted this entry. My mom says "I'm not signed up for your blog."  We both laughed at the thought of her figuring this one out... ***

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  1. Keep 'em coming Ashley. Love your view of the world and of your mother. Beautiful and vexing all at once. Makes life interesting, for sure, on both counts.